To health with it

Accepting Pain

June 20, 2004

How  can I continue to believe that I can make plans?

How is it that I am stupid enough to actually “forget” that pain always wins?

What perversion lets me hope again for a new and normal day?

How do I keep doing it?

Making plans for my days.


Defeating pain tells me no

My hoping heart tells me yes

Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick


The key to acceptance is willingnessThey tell me the trick would be

To live today in spite of the pain

With head held high


They tell me it is all in attitude

And praying for relief

Here is where I should buck-up

And not let pain win.


But after 2000 days with all of pain’s ways

I am tired and not interested

In expending that kind of energy

I would rather go away


Company is coming and I have to give

When empty doesn’t even come close

To saying what I am


Pain you are more of me than you have a right to be

But I don’t know how to move you out

I am losing ground with you pain

You are becoming more of me

Than I am of my self.



One thought on “Accepting Pain

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I deeply thank you for sharing that. For sharing all of this. my pain ruins/runs my life. Im in the military but thanks to FM, my career will end on a note that i didn’t see coming. Im four years into living with this pain but have only been diagnosed for two years. It’s completing taking over and I hate it. So again thank you letting lonely little me know that i’m not alone.

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