To health with it

I really dislike being Unwell…….however……

I will only say these things once because I hate illness.  Yet, I became one. Or several actually.

I am an A-type personality.  Go-go-GO! That was my motto.  Speed was safety and success.  It was a drug even.  My entire personality is built around the ability to go fast and do a lot.  I loved it.

So 13 years ago when the doctor laid “fibromyalgia’ on me as a diagnosis…..well I ignored him and for eight years chased after any touted cure I could find for the disease I couldn’t even spell!   It certainly was not going to rule my life.

FM (fibromyalgia) is a disease of the muscles with no cure and no treatments. The muscles fill up with toxins (pus basically) and inflame the muscles which in turn creates daily/hourly/yearly pain without relief.  There are many theories of the cause but no effort to find cures because the drug company makes so much money-making drugs to mask the symptoms and pain.  When a person has FM they are constantly nauseous, and have vague flu-like symptoms and chronic  fatigue.  Just what an A-type personality loves!

So after crashing and burning in my ‘cure chasing season’ I finally accepted this lifetime malady just in time to be diagnosed with severe arthritis in the hips and stenosis of the spine which back surgery made even worse.

On a good day my pain is at a 5.  I score my pains as the following: 10 is passing out. 9 is chanting “Oh my god, oh my god!” and moaning loudly while writing on the sofa. 8 is when I am yelping, “ok,ok, ok” over and over again, waving my arms in the air.  6 is a deep frown and desire to just be by myself most of the time.  5 is a pesky and perky irritant that is ok if I can find something to keep me busy and moving around.  4 and below is heaven.  I have had very few 4-days.

So all posts in this category are born out of this tiny side of my life with all its emotions, tantrums, griefs and fears.

I hate illnesses so I just don’t wanna have to explain one more time on my blog.  However. because it is a living breathing part of my daily life….I will share some things from time to time about this least-favorite subject.


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