Politically Correct

My country is now run by a majority of one.

I noticed something this week.  My country and especially California is run by a majority-of-one; not the majority of the population anymore.

For example, here in California it has become a waste of time to read new proposals up for vote.  Because when the majority of voters say yes or say no…………ONE person or organization will sue to stop what we all voted on.  Locking up the issue in years and years of legal debate.  This means that even though the majority voted for something, it is never enacted.

Just yesterday Caltrans (California road crews)  went to a site beside a road out in the hills and removed several wooden crosses that had been placed there over 60 years ago to commemorate a loved one’s death.  They waited until midnight to do it.   All because ONE person didn’t like the Christian symbol there on the side of the road.  ONE person.  Even though for over 60 years thousands and thousands of folks had voted ‘yes’ by driving by without complaining.

Like one commentator on the interactive news stated; the constitution does not guarantee us to never being offended.   And if we continue running the country on the premise that no one be offended according to their own personal feelings or beliefs………well we are gonna be in trouble.

Personally I was attacked by the majority-of-one syndrome this past week.  For four years, after getting permission from my condo association, I have parked my mobility scooter in front of my car so that it all doesn’t stick out into the driving area for other drivers.  The association made room for me and my disability.  However, four days ago there was a ticket on my car from one of the association guards that I had to remove my scooter immediately.

It turns out ONE mean-spirited neighbor wanted it removed because the rules stated only one vehicle per parking space.  Even though my scooter is not a literal vehicle and does not require it’s own license plate. The association office agreed with the ticket and said I had to get rid of the scooter.  After a dozen emails back and forth with the association’s manager……she finally saw the disability act and my rights and said it could all stay the same.  But it was an emotional and frightening week!  All because of ONE person.

I read in the news there is ONE man doing a hunger strike to force the India parliament to pass a bill he wants passed.  They are going to do it because they don’t want him to die.

Think of some of the things you have seen on the news or experienced and you will agree that our agencies and governments are so very terrified on individuals complaining or demanding and possible legal problems, they will give them whatever they want.  Instantly.

I am offended by MTV’s depiction of women but I don’t demand it be taken off the air.   I accept whatever voting outcome happens when the majority votes in ways I don’t agree with.

Here in California I can think of three proposals that were voted IN………yet never came to pass because they are still in litigation.

I love the previous comment;  our constitution does not promise we will never be offended.  We must return to “The Majority Rules’ and stop these childish tantrums of lawsuits and complaining.

We are majoring in minors.



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