Aging in America

Birthdays are a private affair

Today is the start of my 69th year.  I just completed 68 years…..well today at 3pm.  I have done the traditional celebrations for this day according to what others wanted for me.  NOT this year!  I am doing it my way; no presents……no obligatory family dinners or gatherings.  No being taken out to dinner or any half-deflated balloons hanging from the ceiling and birthday cards on the counter.

YAHOOOO!  Today is mine to do whatever I want and my family agreed.  No wrapped presents, no plans whatsoever.  Even my husband is out having lunch with his friends so I can be alone with my own self all day.

For me birthdays should be like New Year’s Eve.  In the sense of taking stock of the past year and setting goals or ideas for the coming new year in my age.  What am I going to do during this year while I am turning 69?  Is there anything I would like to accomplish?  Change about myself?

I am a health-nutI have always been uncomfortable sitting around accepting presents from folks, unwrapping them…..finding the correct words of thank you.  I hate that part.

I also have resented any hopes of what I might get for my birthday and being disappointed. Plus I have never really liked surprizes.

Today feels so great here in my room, talking on my blog, listening to my new TV.  Oh didn’t I mention my new birthday TV from my husband?

Did he break my birthday request?  Yes, he broke it sort of………but he did it in a wonderful, romantic way.  He did not wrap it.   He just brought the box of my new flat TV into my room, woke me up and confused me by telling me that it was a brand new type of board game.  I was barely awake as he left the room, trying to focus enough to read the print on the box.  Why would I need a USB port for a board game I was wondering.

I went out to Fred and asked him what kind of board game it was again?  Laughing, he told me it was a TV.

Men very seldom hit it on gifts but my hubby hit the jackpot with this new TV.  Number 1 I didn’t need or necessarily want a new TV as I am not much of a TV watcher except for lately while not feeling well.  It wasn’t wrapped.  He didn’t make a big deal out of it.  And it was highly impracticable!  And it had nothing to do with what HE wanted too.  It was all for me.  So all that made the gift one of the most romantic I have ever received.

So he respected my requests for how I want to celebrate my birthdays from now on and threw in a little private love thing.

Now I am going to just flat enjoy this first day of my 69th year.  What do I want to happen this year?  How do I want to live?   What do I want to do differently this year?

I have a lot of work to do today!!

From now on, my birthdays will be private affairs.



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