Always a Mom, The 2000's: Hot Flashes & Grandkids

He loves his toddy’s more than his Mom.

People who know me know that I to not talk to strangers.  I hardly talk to family; I am an introverted loud mouth that does not need a deep personal relationship with my waitress in Denny’s.  I do not smile at fellow grocery shoppers nor do I want to tell the clerk “how I am today” when she asks.

So after leaving Henry’s health food store with my groceries I noticed a woman who was probably ten to 15 years older than I am.  She was struggling with her shopping cart.  Trying to get it out of its storage rack.  This health food store’s demographics of shoppers is from age 55 to 90 years of age.  I know because I see them, I am there myself and their choice of loud music in the store is from the ’60’s.

Marketing idiot

About a year ago this older-age friendly store must have hired a 24-year-old marketer fresh out of college with a laptop, still living with his mother.   They have made aisle and display changes inside that would challenge a professional stock car racer.  And outside they installed these huge metal plates with 2 inch tall steel nubs all over them for safety when it rains.

Now we are in Southern California where it never rains and when it does NO one goes out of their homes till the terrible weather is over.   But that is not the corker.  This dim-witted, barely out of college idiot also places all the shopping carts in a rack that is directly in front of this steel torture sheet laying on the cement.  Plus as you try to pull your cart free, it is on a downward incline so your teeth rattle and shake as you pull your cart out while trying to stay upright without the use of your cane or walker.

But that is a marketing story for another post.

The point is this dear woman was being run over by her bumpy cart so I went over to help her.  I stopped and gave her my cart that had already been wrestled free and was already over the bumps of the steel plate on the ground.

So the dreaded happened–she began talking to me and I listened.  I don’t know how it happened, I just sorta began listening to her tell me about her fake hips and muscle spasms while we fought to the death to get her and her cane out of the grocery cart wrack.

She was so sweet and had a classic face that still showed former beauty.  We probably talked for 2 minutes while we got her settled in with the finally subdued cart. Then suddenly a man of about 35- 40 years old marched up to us with a male frown on his face.   He growled at her, “I wish you would hurry up.  I have a very important lunch meeting I have to go to.”

Set the carts free now!

Ah—-the son.  The wonderful son taking his mother grocery shopping because she was so pain-wracked she couldn’t go by herself.

I instantly noticed the red broken capillaries all over his face and that he was dressed in shorts and sandles and a Tommy Bahama shirt. He was obviously well-to-do and a full on drunk!  He didn’t have any ‘important lunch meeting”.   He wanted his afternoon toddies and mommy was in the way!  Keeping him from his booze.

I looked him in his blood-shot eyes and said, “Oh gee we’re sorry for making you late”……..then reach over and patted her on the shoulder saying, “And on top of everything else we have to put up with the kids now!”

She nodded and he hustled her into the grocery store so she could go really fast and let him get on to the important stuff in his life.  Like his liquid lunch.

Next time bring a thermos you self-centered twit!  And sit in the car and drink your booze and leave your Mom alone.  Or better yet, let me take her or something.  Pay for a cab even!  At least that would leave her with some dignity and not show what a louse you really are Mr. Preppy.

Preppy will soon be this bum

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