The 1950's: my life's foundation

S.O.S and Butter

I just made dinner; S.O.S (stands for shit-on-a-shingle)  From World War II.  They barely invented cans for storing food to feed the troops, so most meals were made right there on the fighting fields if they possibly could.  One cheap meal for the masses of soldiers was SOS………fondly called  Shit-on-a-shingle by the guys fighting for our freedom

.Anyway SOS is a comfort food for me.   So I plopped 8 tbsp. of butter into the pan to let it melt before I added 8 tbsp. of flour to make the thickening paste.

I looked into the pan and realized I have been ROBBED!   There is more water in butter than real butter I think.  That is why things don’t fry like they used to in the old days.  I got the wrappings out to read the ingredients and it said “pasteurized cream, salt” .  Period.  You have to be in your 7th decade to realize they are lying.

This is NOT My grandma by the way

My Grandma had a butter churn in her back yard.  I watched the butter  ingredients that went in and how the butter came out. It was not the yellow we see today even tho they don’t mention any food coloring in today’s butter.  Our butter came out cream-colored; very light.  We scooped it out thick with a spoon like you do ice cream today.

And Grandma had to churn and churn and churn for hours.  That woman had to be strong enough to wring a chicken’s neck from all that work.  Oh wait,  she was strong like that because wringing necks of chickens was how she started Sunday dinners.

My SOS  butter has floating in semi-clear water  when it melted.   I grew up with real butter and it would melt but you could NOT see thru it to the bottom of the pan after it melted. Tonight I could see the bottom of my sauce pan thru the melting butter!

I put the flour in and began stirring it into the thick paste before I poured 4 cups of milk into it.  I mused on the butter.  Then I wondered even about the milk?  Since when does milk have to have a list of ingredients on it???? Well look, it does have a list of ingredients.

I shredded the dried corned beef from the jar into the thick white sauce I put two pieces of bread into the toaster. (the ‘shingle’ part of SOS–you pour the sauce over two pieces of toast)  I don’t even want to read the four inches of ingredients on the bread package.

HELP!  (SOS) There is water in my butter and they are hiding that fact from me.  I don’t like it.


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