Always a Mom, To health with it

A Mother’s Day letter to my friend

A Mother’s Day letter to a woman friend as we
realize our mother roles are diminishing and changing.

We are always a Mom. No matter how many physical activities we lose because our bodies don’t wanna ‘play the same way anymore’………we are always a Mom.

Just because we can’t do from dawn to dusk, we are always a Mom.

When we smile without getting up from our chair, we are still Mom.

When we hug and encourage with our words, we are Mom.

In fact if at the end of it all we are left only with our voice, well we are still Moms and Grandmas.

Words of love and encouragement with a wee bit of wisdom thrown in, is the most important part of being Mom in fact.

Anyone can wait on someone hand and foot or race around doing for our kids. But when activities are cut short or our bodies don’t work so well anymore…… well words are the most important form of love we have left.

We are lucky because we know this. We can be free of trying to earn their love or the constant trying to do things for them so they know we still care.

Laying on a sofa or sitting in a rocker; when we say “I love you” it is heard because no busy work gets in the way.


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