Bill’s wife

i got my vote by mail card today.  I had to declare a party to be allowed to vote in this primary.  I have been an Independent since 1963.  They did away with that word years ago.  I guess “they” worried it denoted too much independent thinking. Too much freedom.

So I get to vote in the primary and will possibly live to see the greatest surge of thinking independents upset the apple cart that has been full of only rotten apples for decades now.

If the people cannot break through the political and media muck, well then I will be forced to vote for Bill’s wife in the general election.

what a corrupt business this democracy has become.  And our government wants every country in the world to adopt democracy too?  That’s why we keep attacking small countries I guess.


Today’s news….oh boy!

April 2016

Haven’t watched or read the news since my brother died last August, don’t know why or even if that is the reason.  I was bored Thai morning so I went to to read a few headlines.  I became so enraged that I was yelling at my iPad!  First headline tells me that now in Oklahoma as long as a rapist makes sure you are unconscious or dead drunk, he can oral rape you, feel you up, Dow and sideways.  He can take filthy pictures of you and invite his friends in to witness his handiwork. The legal minds that are mentally challenged because their IQ is too high, preventing them from being able to think clearly decided that all or any of those acts are NOT rape.   So grab your peckers boys, buy a cache of knock-out drugs and move to Oklahoma now!  It’s open season on women. Again.

While away the days….waiting

Ha!  Well this is a test to see if my blog will work on my iPad.  It could entertain me while I wait. A diversion.


Ok ok I will try this.  Anything to keep my mind engaged and keeping it away from any topic having to do with my health or body or pain or anything else.

get back Loretta